Percival the Merciful
Player Lord Bodacious
Class Cleric 1
Title Acolyte
Alignment Lawful
Strength 17 (+2 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 13 (+1 language known)
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 8 (-1 penalty to hit, initiative, +1 penalty to AC)
Constitution 11
Charisma 7 (-1 reaction adjustment, 3 retainers, 6 morale)
Armor Class 3
Hit Points 6
Hextalyte: +1 to rolls against the undead
Turn Undead: Skeleton: 7, Zombie: 9, Ghoul: 11
Languages: Common, Darokinese, High Glantri
Plate Mail, Shield, Mace, Tricephalos


Born in the Occupied Territories, Percival was raised as an orphan by the Hexacon, the 'Sixth Hand of Trianoma', a secret sect dedicated to battle against chaos. Percival studied Her nine scriptures, faced Her six challenges, and took Her three vows. The youth flourished in the light of the Thrice Crowned, and grew to be one of Her most noble champions (though She preferred that Percival stay away from polite company).

This golden maned scion travels the land as Her Righteous Fist, weighing Her mercy against Her wrath. Acting on orders from the Hexacon or pursuing the divine Law within him, the Merciful One is known for smiting evil, turning undead, and assisting pious maidens in distress.

In her wisdom, Triannoma has placed Percival on the same path as the Company of Crossed Swords. Recognizing Pritchard Hood and his men as good and Lawful men, he fights at their side for the greater good of Church and Crowns.

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