Patriarch Zekon

A Lawful Cleric of exceedingly great power, who spends his time protecting the local settlements against the machinations of the Evil High Priestess and the Necromancer Asher-Raam.

Patriarch Zekon harbors an especial respect for the memory of his co-religionist, the dragon-devoured Verdant Paladin. A scruffy band of adventurers have been ransoming the Paladin's personal effects to the Patriarch in exchange for enchanted treasures. That Zekon has tolerated this disrespectful treatment of the hero's legacy is perhaps some testament to the generosity of his spirit.

Zekon dwell in a fortress an eagle's flight from the Lost City, and he is protected by a squadron of griffon-riding Valkyries. One of their number has dallied with Narcissus, apparently willingly though a charm may have been in effect.

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