This spear was found in the old sump grounds of the mage Orissen not far from Malinbois. Around the head of the spear, which conveys light magic, are written the repeating letters A A E in an old form of High Glantrian script. There is a corresponding leather-lined satin bag that fastens over the spearhead; around its enclosure are written the letters P S S G R. This bag is intended to be placed over the spearhead when not in use, as a hood is placed over a young falcon's head. (A passager is the name of a young falcon, captured in the wild.)

The spear has the following abilities:

  • The spear is +1 to hit and damage. But, if thrown immediately after being unhooded, its focused strike is much deadlier, at +3 to hit and damage.
  • The hood and spearhead maintain a permanent locate object bond. Once both items are possessed, each item will be able to track the location of the other; for example, the spearhead sunk into the side of a dying beast.
  • A spear bearing this spearhead is able to fly twice the normal range, while outdoors.

Note: the shaft of the spear is replaceable if broken. It is strictly the head and hood that are magical.

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