Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger, publicly known as Luisa Falling-Stars, a children's librarian, claims to be the offspring of a human mother and a fictional character, a refugee from the Fictionverse. This would be grounds for committing her to an insane asylum, except for the fact that Luisa (a) truly does seem to be at least half-imaginary, and (b) she has saved the world as the costumed super heroine Paper Tiger.

Paper Tiger claims to be able to "re-write herself" on her Power Palimpest, suddenly developing any ability needed to meet a crisis. The exact extent of her abilities are difficult to determine, but seem to include a variety of information gathering abilities ("Paper Tiger already knew the answer to the mystery…."), incredible luck at avoiding or enduring great perils, and the ability to arrive at critical moments by what would appear to be nothing more than cheap contrivance if it appeared in a novel. Paper Tiger describes her powers as a deus ex stylus.

Paper Tiger's courage, incredible exploits, and exotic charm have made her a media darling. She tries to continue her life as a mild-mannered children's librarian, but appears to be increasingly attracted to coasting on everyone's acclaim - to the point of threatening other super humans who dare to steal her spotlight.

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