Mentioned in 22 Chains of Heaven as a god created or trapped by the Seree black hole, Panur went on to escape that celestial prison. At some later point, Panur and his two fellow gods, Deel and Cicollus, wreaked vengeance on the Seree prison, freeing several other gods.

Panur has been described as a god of acceptance, rather than healing per se.

Panur presumably has a connection to the Panurians, mentioned in 42 The God Unmoving and elsewhere, possibly based in Noripur.

In 5e Dungeons & Dragons

The gods of Trilemma don't really have "domains" per se - they're more like spirits connected to certain things or abstract concepts, which don't match to a particular portfolio of divine powers. But Panur would likely favor militant orders related to Knowledge, Life, or Nature. While these domains are typically associated with nurturing or benevolence, Panur is more about quieting vanity and misery; busting through the ego to understand the world as it really is, and accepting your relatively small but necessary part in that scheme.

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