Las Bellezas del Río


Type: Wild
Race: Nixies
Alignment: N

Population: 58 nixies, 46 giant fish

58% strength tribe; 5 charm circles
46% strength mounts
Eight unmounted nixies

Tribal Move: Dismounted (unknown encumbrance)
Nixies Move: (unknown encumbrance)
Mounts Move: (unknown encumbrance)

These water sprites are neutral in nature, but they will often seek to lure humans beneath the waters to enslave them for one year. For every 10 Nixies that appear there will be one Charm Person spell being cast at any person within 3" of their lair. Any charmed character will immediately proceed underwater and remain there until the year is up when he is freed. A Dispell Magic spell has a 75% chance of succeeding before the charmed character is immersed. Nixies are otherwise armed with daggers and javelins (6" throwing range). In the water they will be accompanied by a school of the largest and fiercest fish living therein — probably muskie, pike, or gar - the size of the school being 10-100 fish. The fish will attack on command from the Nixies, but flame (such as a flaming sword) will keep the fish back but not the Nixies.

Leader: The Hyacinth, currently a young nixie named CirrusCloudsInWater

The most beautiful nixie. Her position is based on her beauty. If a more beautiful rival emerges and is acknowledged, she no longer reigns. Nixies are quite vain and jealous, which is why they charm other humanoids. Those judged less beautiful by their own kind, and especially those who held high rank but lost it to a new beauty, are most prone to the seduction of others. Sometimes adoration is enough, sometimes they are driven to murder. Since all nixies of either sex are ridiculously beautiful, the edge goes to those who also exude a certain innocence. Therefore, the younger often rise quickly in power but quickly become too worldwise, their beauty is eroded, and they fall hard into disfavor, and can then only ease their torment by charms. But the charming of a coarse human is unsatisfying, so they often despise their slaves and drown them.

Type: Popular
Origin: Normal
Alignment: Neutral

Current Situation

The Nixies are on a mid-sized tributary of a mighty river. They're about three miles away from the main river, in the zone where the tributary breaks up into swamp bayous. The tributary flows from the north. Going upstream on the main river leads to the east, going downstream leads west. There's forest to the east, where the ground rises up out of the swamp a little. Within the swamp basin itself, the closest things to hills are the domes of ruined buildings. The area is settled by tribal peoples who hold on to cleared areas of land, but have fallen into disorder.

The black lotus is abundant in their territory.

Black Lotus

There are ruins under the water. Merman adventurers seeking to disturb these ruins are an unpredictable but infrequent nuisance.
Hunting bands of lizardmen come through the nixies' territory every week or so. They're fierce fighters, and are eager to seize captives and take them off to the south. They rarely travel in groups of more than a dozen, although sometimes they muster warbands of 40 or 50.

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