Occupied Territories

Captured by Darokin during the civil war, the southernmost provinces of Glantri remain under foreign occupation. Years of negotiations with the Darokin government have proven fruitless in restoring the status quo ante bellum. Although there have been noises about retaking the provinces by force, it seems improbable; for all of their magical might, the Wizard-Princes remain fractious, and the populace of the Principalities have little stomach for a war of choice.

Darokin has begun settling large numbers of low-caste Darokinese in the Occupied Territories. Given time, the population of the Territories will begin to see themselves as citizens of Darokin, and all opportunity to reclaim the land will be lost. But strife between Glantri natives and Darokinese settlers, not to mention raids across the Glantri border by bandits and dispossessed nobility, may well force a casus belli and bring the two nations to war whether they wish it or no.

The occupied provinces are:

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