Clearly, the following fragment is just part of the story. Yet, considering Obscura's bad reputation, it's something of a surprise:

Mareth Nique was a young paladin when she first appeared near the village of Hommlet several years ago.

In retrospect, Mareth may have been a relation to Lareth the Beautiful, the villain of that adventure.

No matter however; Mareth remained loyal to the vows of her character class, her alignment, and the bumbling (but ultimately victorious) heroes in the adventure.

Elsewhere, a young illusionist calling herself Obscura crossed paths with the tall, dashing paladin with the flashing red hair.

Obscura, whose past remains misty but whose magic is enhanced by the energies of Chaos, was surprised by her attraction to the Lawful paladin.

The vows of chastity are always strict for paladins; however, among some groups of bright champions, some leeway is afforded for brief affairs between members of the same sex.

Mareth and Obscura came together, but not for long. The challenge of conflicting alignments brought fire to the relationship but ensured its instability.

(If you ever wondered how Obscura learned to speak Lamassu so fluently, now you can imagine! The tongue and lips become particularly supple through the pronunciation of such lofty musical phrases.)

In retrospect, Obscura’s self-serving character in her subsequent relationships becomes understandable.

No man could replace her Mareth, her relationships with male adventurers were utilitarian.

She preferred clerics to partner with; with her own powers useless against the undead and unable to heal herself, she sought out men with abilities that complemented her own – the same abilities that were Mareth’s.

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