Nrathax the Black

Nrathax the Black is the master of the Citadel of Fire, which according to Brak-Amat is the tower E.N. Lightenment saw in his vision in the center of the desert far to the east of Belltower.

He, she, or it commands eight apprentices, including Brak-Amat, and Captain Rakotis, as well as three wyverns and a throne said to enhance his magical powers.

Brak-Amat says that Nrathax has long delayed allowing any of his apprentices to graduate, and plays them against one another. Apparently, Nrathax prefers to keep his treasure in the form of furniture, both from his confidence in his ownership of the tower and from the difficulty making off with it presents to would-be burglars. Nrathax's magical items are said to include a flying carpet and a staff of withering.

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