Noble Families Of Glantri

Below are a handful of noble families of interest to adventurers, if only because they own (or once owned) ruined places where their treasures and magics may yet be unearthed.


The d'Ambrevilles were once the mightiest wizards in all of Glantri. They were both feared and envied. In the run-up to the civil war, other Houses accused them of practicing forbidden magics and seeking to displace the other Houses and rule Glantri alone. Whatever the truth of these allegations, they were sufficiently powerful that their opponents felt it necessary to ally with Darokin, providing Glantri's southern neighbor the opportunity they needed to seize the Occupied Territories. In the end, the forces marshaled against the d'Ambrevilles destroyed the House's citadel, Castle Amber, and slew most of their number. Only a handful of the d'Ambrevilles remain, dwelling in obscurity in Glantri City and trying to separate themselves from their family's dark reputation.
Insignia: A crowned black unicorn.
Colors: Black and White
Leader: Étienne d'Ambreville
Relations: Evangelista de Sylaire (nee Ambreville)


The ruling house of the province of Trintan. As in the other Occupied Territories, the Aramis have largely retired to Glantri City.


Before the war, this minor family dwelt in what are now the Ruined Vales. Wild magic reduced the family's elders to jellylike masses, unable to fend for themselves. Junior members of the family have taken to assuming dramatic aliases and seeking to renew the Aubergine fortune through adventure. Sadly, most such attempts have ended in disaster, as witnessed by the deaths of Immortus, Rama-Tut and Kang. The family's shame has been only slightly assuaged by the acquisition of the house-goblins of House Ivernesse under the direction of Richard Bluelip.
Insignia: An eggplant on a golden plate.


The ruling house of the province of Erewan. As in the other Occupied Territories, the Erewan have largely retired to Glantri City.
Insignia: An arrow arcing up between two stars.
Relations: Clarembaut d'Erewan


Insignia: A fox.
Leader: Anselme de Fulvienne, Prince of Caurenze


The family du Gare numbered among the least significant of the rural gentry until the civil war, when Roger and Zelig du Gare raised a sizable mercenary force to aid the insurgency against the d'Ambreville coalition. Once the war ended, they continued to pursue their craft, charging hefty sums to aid various Princes in clearing away bandits and magic-warped beasts from their domains. Later they turned to adventuring, delving into dungeons and lairs to slay monsters and bring back lost treasures to their fortress, Quasqueton, which rose near the Caves of Chaos in what are now the Ruined Vales. The pair have not been seen in well over a year; many believe them to be dead.


A minor House in a state of decline. Its elders are said to specialize in elemental magics of air and water.
Leader: Alzenia Hazart


A minor House, the family d'Ivernesse were all but exterminated in the civil war by their rivals in House Ambreville. Only now have the family's young heirs revealed themselves and reclaimed their ancestral holdings at Morlay in New Averoigne, including the fabled Ghost Tower. The House's magical specialty once lay in ephemeral magics that affect the mind and senses; whether their old secrets have been passed along to the current generation remains to be seen.
Insignia: An owl clutching a serpent in its claws.
Leader: Rainier d'Ivernesse, Count of Morlay


This minor House rules the territory around Malinbois in New Averoigne. Once subordinate to House Ambreville, they have claimed the princedom of New Averoigne by dint of outliving their former lieges. Sadly, the war left them little to rule over, as most of the area's settlements have been destroyed by the war and the land tainted by dark sorcery. The strength of the family de Marais is said to lie in martial magic and the enchantment of weapons and other tools of war.
Insignia: A wolf's head.
Colors: Silver and Navy
Leader: Gérard de Marais, Prince of New Averoigne, Count of Malinbois
Household: Blanchfleur, Marchosias
Relations: Miendor, Gervesin, Lucerne


A now-extinct house that once ruled a region of the Ruined Vales in the vicinity of Eastkeep.


Once the ruling house of Blackhill, House Quincarnon has fallen on hard times since Darokin invaded. The survivors of the House lick their wounds in Glantri City, where some teach at the Great School of Magic while others practice their arts for monetary gain. They dream of driving the Darokinese out of the Occupied Territories and reclaiming their principality. Their magical specialty lies in the alteration of living tissues and the creation of hybrid creatures.
Insignia: A blue-green griffon.
Relations: Sebastien Quincarnon


The ruling house of Touraine. Careful politicking preserved House Sylaire and Touraine through the civil war. The House and its territory continue to thrive, doing far better than their counterparts elsewhere in Glantri. While the magic-users of Sylaire study many fields, their strength is said to lie in their mastery of mundane etiquette and diplomacy.
Insignia: Golden fleurs de lys spangled on a blue background.
Leader: Clarisse de Sylaire, Princess of Touraine
Relations: Evangelista de Sylaire (nee Ambreville), Marvolo de Sylaire


An ancient, if minor, noble house of Glantri. For centuries, the Thelchineau kept the Thelchin Watch, a lighthouse-like structure on one of the Easternmost islets of the Glantri lagoon. The island tower was abandoned, and the family halls ruined, after many of the Thelchineau sided with the Ambrevilles in the civil war. The family maintains a more modest home in Glantri today.
Insignia: A black butterfly on a silver field.
Leader: Alenard Thelchineau, absent so long from society to be presumed dead by many
Relations: Imbert Thelchineau, Monfils Thelchineau, Rouen Thelchineau, Virart Thelchineau


House Villars once ruled the principality of Auban from their ancestral home, the High Sonde.

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