Ninth Menegril

The Ninth Menegril is a powerful Wizard who resides in the Nameless City in Limbo. The Ninth Menegril is a merchant-prince who obtained fabulous wealth from the inter-planar trade in magical items. Evidently the Ninth Menegril uses this wealth to acquire rare books of magical lore, and has assembled one of the finest libraries in all the planes. He is a patron of the Grey Company, who met him through his trading partner Zekon.

The Ninth Menegril's relationship with the Grey Company has had advantages and disadvantages. At one point, the Ninth Menegril was captured by rival Wizard Tizun Thrane. The Menegril's major domo, Cayhal Bambang recruited the Company's resident charlatan, Arnold Littleworth, to impersonate the Menegril so that his avaricious peers would not raid the mansion in his absence. Arnold barely managed to avoid disaster, but luckily the Grey Company rescued the rightful Menegril and all was restored.

On another occasion, however, the Grey Company accidentally assassinated the Menegril's neighbor, the Lich Patiriki Van. The Assassins Guild of Limbo took offense at flouting their procedures, and on the principle of "guilt by association" retaliated by killing one of the Mengril's servants. It is unknown whether or how the Menegril repaired this insult to his dignity.

The Ninth Menegril has a fondness for smoking exotic cannaboids, a taste shared by his servant, the Shadow K-Dubbs.

The Ninth Menegril is a clone of the original Menegril. There is also a Fourth Menegril and an Eighth Menegril currently active in Limbo.


Items currently available for sale or trade by the Ninth Menegril include:


Growth (300 gp) sold to Sans Sobriquet,
Superheroism (750gp) sold to Ookla,
Invisibility (500gp) no longer available


Enlarge (300gp) sold to Xeno,
Excruciating Cauterization (M-U, level 2) (600gp), Most Horrible Absorption (M-U, level 5) (1,500gp) no longer available,
Salamander (M-U, level 7) (2,100gp) sold to Obscura,
Seven Gates (M-U, level 4) (1,200gp) sold to Obscura,
Word of IOUN (M-U, level 3) (900gp) sold to Xeno


Contrariness (1,000gp?) no longer available,
Normal Regeneration (40,000gp) sold to Ookla 20k, Xeno 10k, Darwin 10k


Enemy Detection (10,000 gp) sold to Obscura,
Fire (25,000gp) sold to party (10k Jari, 5k Obscura, 10k Darwin)

Wondrous Items:

Bracers of Mystic Chainmail (15,000gp) sold to Lucky,
Cloak of Elvenkind (6,000gp) sold to Sans Sobriquet


Broadsword (first-order enchantment, chaotic, low ego, no special properties) (2,000 gp) sold to Chrystos
Bastard Sword (second-order enchantment, neutral, high ego, see invisible, detect evil & gold) (4,000 gp)
Blunted Sword (first-order enchantment; alignment, ego, and special properties destroyed by blunting, may be wielded by non-fighting men) (750 gp) sold to Arnold
Hobbit Blade (first-order enchantment; neutral; puissant against small creatures, high ego, speaks Common and Hobbit, detects traps, magic, and evil/good in 10') (750gp) sold to Chrystos
Sword (-2 cursed, lawful, NSA)


Level 1: Read Magic, Serpent Missile, Sleep, Comp.Languages, Magic Missile, Dancing Lights, Light Step, Jump
Level 2: Scare, Blackmote, Magnify, ESP, Pyrotechnics, Detect Invisibility, Uncontrollable Laughter
Level 3: Protection from Normal Missiles, Slow, Fireball, Dispel Magic
Level 4: Staff of Smiting, Wall of Fire, Charm monster, Wall of fire, Death’s Door
Level 5: Airy Water, Magic Jar, Dismissal
Level 6: Phantom Guardian, Disintegrate, Urgent Utterance, Freezing Sphere
Level 7: Sword, Duo Dimension, Teleport without Error, Create Shadow
Level 8: Power Word Blind, Unlife, Maze, Planar Monitoring
Level 9: Power Word Kill, Monster Summoning VII, Temporal Stasis, Planar Gate


Scroll of four spells: magic missile, dispell magic, plant growth, polymorph other (3,600 gp) sold to Xeno


Figurine of Wonderous Power, an Onyx Dog (3,000 gp) sold to Chrystos

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