Neisseria the Medusa
Old portrait
Player skatay
Class Medusa/Fighting woman 2/2- (Advances as Fighter)
Title ?
Alignment Neutral
Languages ???
Strength 10
Intelligence 16 Exceptionally Bright
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 10
Constitution 12
Charisma 8
Armor Platemail & shield, iron crown, Grey Cloak +1
Weapons Longsword, shortbow
Magic Items
Cloak of the Grey Company, Wand of Fireballs
Special Ability
Level 3: Medusa abilities (not fully matured) asps/gaze: first round: save, fail: 1 die damage, second round: save, fail: full effects as Medusa. Casts as MU of 2 levels lower.
Level 4: both saves in single round
Spells Charm Person, Detect Magic
XP 5000 (starter) + 2375 (Ashur Ram) + 300 (Monsters) + 2400 (Carouse: Cult of Blind God) + 2306 (Ontussa's hoard) + 200 (carouse on invisibility object)=12481 XP
Gold 381 gps

Neisseria the Medusa has trained with the Grey Company on look-away drills, and they know by changes in her voice to avert their gaze when she is hoodless. She often wears a gauze hood when dealing with the party on a day-to-day basis. Neisseria often neglects her Medusa studies in favor of magical tomes, but does not study with the fervor of a great wizard.

She is also a monster, and looking to stock her lair with powerful monsters, possibly by blinding them. Her carousal around the town of Denethix caused her to learn of a temple to the blind god. She is currently able to hire 1st level clerics from this order as retainers. She is studying members of the Grey Company (and their enemies!) for ways to increase the scope of her personal power. She has jotted down some notes for a possible future field of study: spell creation.

Neisseria's Mark of Obeisance
Caster gets to leave a <10 word series of instructions with the subject. If the subject fails to perform the instructions (and is capable of doing so) the subject takes a single die of damage. Avoidance or obfuscation of the instructed matter will put and keep the subject in visible pain.
Character get saving throw. If failed, a mark materializes on the subject's head, plain for all to see, a unique mark for each caster of the dweomer. This spell is easily dispelled: Cure disease, Remove Curse, Dispel Magic, and higher level cure spells as well will remove this effect. It's duration is until the instructions are changed.

Session 46: Neisseria has allowed the recently freed and gracious Wraith-King, Agamemnar (sp?) to suck out two levels of magic user, leaving her with 2 levels of medusa, her gaze attack is currently in double save territory in a single round, I am unsure if her asps are similarly immature. Her soul has been supplemented by the addition of the soul of an Amazon, Basheena, she can no longer cast spells, but is a full-fledged fighting woman. In a secret gambit that is yet to be played out, she spent 1500 gp for a potion of expedient round trip travel whose outcome it yet to be determined. She caroused for 200 gp/XP to see about the purchase (or other acquisition) of a ring of invisibility and has a lead on someone in Denethix who received one from Ashur Ram. She is currently outfitted in the standard Adventurer escape pack, Platemail, sword, shield, and an iron crown which can hold a frontal veil, and allows her asps freedom.

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