Selphy (Murdriirin)
Player skatay
Class Elf 2
Title Warrior-Seer
Alignment Neutral
Special Elf Stuff: Immunity to Paralysis, Infravision, Spells, Secret Doors (1-2/d6) Languages (Common, Alignment, Elvish, Orc, Hobgoblin, Gnoll, Lizardman) Strong-Arm Bowman Murdriirin hails from a country of Ice Elves of the North, priding themselves on their Barbaric Strength. His skills with a bow allow him to use his strength bonus for damage results with arrows when using such a bow, which is not hard to acquire (as per DM).
Strength 18 (+3 to hit, damage)
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 9
Constitution 8 (-1 hit points per die)
Charisma 8 (-1 Reaction Adjustment)
Armor Class 2
Hit Points 10
Other stuff
Spells: Protection From Evil, Shield
XP: 4929 (gets 5% bonus on earned XP)
Wealth: 173 gp
Magic Items: +1 elvish sword, enhances elf spellcasting by 1 level!

Murdriirin will concede if pressed that this is in fact his family name, and not his personal name. If social courtesy seems to demand more, he may add Eldaliƫ, though this too, is merely obfuscation. The practice/humor of hiding one's first name is not unheard of among elves, in fact it's an old and coarse joke (see Elphy) but typically is the mark of either unexceptional or infamous actions in the past. Failing to rename himself Double Rainbow, he changed his name recently to Selphy.

Platemail and Shield, Sword, Spear, Short bow, quiver w/20 arrows his backpack is a bit different:

Murdriirin received 509 gp/ 966 xp for exploring Dyson's delve.
Re-exploring the chateau with the 'success' team earned him 345 (+5%= 362) XP and 214 gold . Standard drunken carousing netted him 600 xp for 600 gps. Drawing a picture of the adventure earned him 150 XP.

Beating the DM to the table for session 97 earned him 100 XP, he earned an additional 1583 (+79 for 5% XP bonus) while fighting a wight and her armada of armored servants in Chateau D'Amberville for a new total of 3740 XP. Drawing a picture for session 97 entailed a diminished return of 50 XP.

Murdriirin claimed Ridiculossus' early bird special the DM awarded since we were splitting his gold anyway, so his XP total is now 3890. His gold total dropped during adventuring to 63 gps, but the haul of 416 gp and 6 silver = 479 gps 6 sps.

Carousing for for 479 XP involved acquiring 200 XP now and an additional 279 XP after the debt of 121 gp is paid.

Session 105, loot will enable me to buy remainder of Carouse XP (+279). Snazzy picture nets me 50 XP, 166 XP from adventure w/ 5% bonus =174. Total XP = 4090 + 279 + 50 + 174 = 4593.
Session 107: +320 XP (336 with XP bonus) and +275 gold. -5 gp from game, -125 gold for 20 silver arrows= 173 gp and 4929 XP

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