Mouse Guard FAQ

What's a Mouse Guard?

It's a comic book, which James hasn't read. It's also a role-playing game, which James has also not read (at least, not very carefully). You, therefore, can easily become an authority on this subject among the Red Box crowd by doing nothing more than reading these pages!

So when I have to talk about Mouse Guard, am I talking about the comic book or the role-playing game?

The role-playing game. Only losers read comic books.

What's Mouse Guard about?

It's about mice. Who guard things. In, like, Olden Times or something, so that they have swords and armor and suchlike.

May I summarize the Mouse Guard RPG in three words as, "Mice With Swords?"

Yes, you may. I cannot stop you: I am just a Frequently Asked Questions list.

Do the mice go on epic quests for the Holy Cheese and defeat the King of Cats?

No, because that is ridiculous. Your silliness has no place in the grim, brutal, mature world of role-playing mice with swords.

So what do the mice do?

The Guard patrols the Territories, protecting it from Weasel invaders, preventing rebellion, tromping through extremely dangerous wilderness, and aiding the other mice recover from natural disasters.

Why do you like the game so much?

Honestly, it's because my friends were talking about it, so I bought a copy, and then I had buyer's remorse which could only be assuaged by playing it several times. Now I've discovered that it's a pretty nifty little bugger of a game, and I want to play it some more. In short: it's very well designed and a lot of fun to play.

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