Mouse Guard

The Mouse Guard Role-Playing Game was designed by Luke Crane and David Petersen, based on Petersen's Mouse Guard comic books. In the game you play a little knightly mouse who travels around the countryside righting wrongs and protecting your community from predators, wars, and natural disasters.

The Mouse Guard Role-Playing Game is pretty neat! But O sweet Christmas, it takes a million pages to say simple things! When I try to read it, my eyes get so bored that they fall out of my head and roll around on the floor picking up dust, which I'm sure is unhygienic. It's not that the book is difficult to understand: it's just long-winded.

So, here's a series of pages that will teach you the basics of the game.

What?! Huh?! What is this thing (structure of game)
Completing Your Mission (doing stuff)
Earning Rewards (advancement and whatever else)

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