Monsters in Trilemma

Carreg (03 Steeps of Ur-Menig)
Dire Pelican (Sky-Blind Spire)
Dradkin (11 Though Flesh Be Vast)
Dwarf (04 Midden of the Deep)
Dragon (01, 04)
Giant, Fire (Sky-Blind Spire)
Goblin, Ricalu (Sky-Blind Spire)
Nuss (13 Extent of Gamandes)
Serree (many)
Vinteralf (01 Stellarium of the Vinteralf)
Void Gull (13 Extent of Gamandes, 23 Motes of Eternity)
Umber Hulk Larvae, dragon-ichor (04)
Umber Hulk Larvae Blob, dragon-ichor (04)

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