The Monkey King

The Monkey King is a … crime-fighter? trouble-maker? glory-hound? gluttonous buffoon? hero? … mainly active in Flushing, Queens, particularly on feast days. He cannot stop boasting of all of his incredible powers, a few of which may exist only in his imagination. He wields an iron staff which seems to telescope to great length; he can change shape; he can leap fantastic distances; he's extremely durable. He is pictured here from Yoshitoshi's 1889 painting, One Hundred Aspects of the Moon.

The Monkey King claims to be the legendary hero of The Journey to the West, reincarnated in this modern world because the other gods were jealous of his greatness and wanted to keep him busy on Earth for a while. Though the Monkey King is enormously powerful, he's a lazybones braggart, who generally prefers to play tricks and avoid honest work, but through his fearless demeanor and vanity, it is easy to goad him into action. He hates it when powerless people are oppressed.

Note: While unquestionably a legendary Chinese super hero, the Monkey King is one of those guys who can kinda do anything the plot of The Journey to the West requires, so this version no doubt reflects that the Heavenly Emperor jealously stripped him of some of his incredible powers.

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