Employer Martin Le Black
Class Goblin 1
Title Gobling
Alignment Chaotic
Armor Class 4 (5)
Hit Points 6
Special Abilities
Infravision, Dodge Big 'uns, Quick, Sharpshooter, Hide in the Dark
Noteworthy Possessions
Short Sword +1, Whiteye's Sword, Blackened Chain Armor, Shield, Short Bow, Hair Grease, Giant Millipede Helmet, Battle Goat & Tack


A goblin mercenary first hired by Martin le Black in Glantri City. Millipede wears a spectacular helm carved from the carapice of a giant centipede, which holds his grease slicked hair in an impeccable pompadour. Millipede is dishonest. He is also Modest.

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