Meta-Traveller Achievements

The Rainbow of Meta-Traveller Levels

Though Traveller characters can slowly learn new skills, advancement has never been a big part of the game. But in Rainbow Traveller, the players themselves, called Meta-Travellers, vie with each other to be the most awesome. Meta-Travellers accomplish Achievements to earn experience points (XP) and increase their Meta-Traveller Level. Some Achievements are straightforward (you earn 3 XP for playing in a session) and some are more complex (you earn 2 XP the first time the weird planet idea you posted is used in play). A character who earns 251 or more XP immediately loses 250 XP, becoming again a Level 1 Meta-Traveller. He should consider retiring his most prominent character, but that decision is up to him. He is allowed to call himself a “Double Red”. Nice, right?

Level XP Title
1 0 Red
2 10 Orange
3 25 Yellow
4 50 Green
5 100 Blue
6 150 Indigo
7 200 - 250 Violet

Die Commands

Each level allows 1 Die Command per play session. 1 six-sided die’s result is chosen rather than rolled (BEFORE it is rolled). Only one player may affect a roll, and only if the roll is immediately connected with their character. A player with more than one Die Command can spend as many as he likes on a roll. Character Creation rolls are not subject to Die Commands. Whoever calls it first gets to command the dice. GMs may use their die commands just like everyone else and are required to do so with some malice in the spirit of Sargasso Sector, but are not required to seize the opportunity to off a character.

For example: Suppose Newman has 12 XP. He is a 2nd Level Meta-Traveller — an Orange. He can choose the result of two six-sided die rolls each session before they are rolled. They may be rolls he makes or rolls the GM makes — even rolls another player makes if the rolls are immediately connected with his character. He might spend both on an attack roll he makes to command a 12. Or he may spend only one roll to command a roll of at least 7. He may use them both on a d66 encounter roll to command the exact result he wants. He may spend them to command a foe’s attack roll against him to be 2. Commands only set the die result — if a 2 will still hit Newman’s character, Newman is still hit.

Meta-Traveller Achievements


Play in a session 3
Voted MVP award in a session 1
Voted Zippy Fiction award in a session 1
Voted GMs Choice award in a session. GM announces performance criteria at the beginning of the session (for example: sound effects, good table manners, rules mastery, convoluted plot mastery, plausible scientific justification) then the award is either voted on or some other objective evaluation, like a quiz score, is applied. 1
Mentor new player at their first session 1
Run a session 5


Character killed 10
Character screws himself over in big way cuz that’s how they roll 3
Suffer uniquely entertaining random mishap 1


Every 20,000 credits of pure profit clearly realized (only your share) 1
Every 20,000 cash blown on personal goals or high living or reinvested in a starship or ship shares 1


Post a Big Goal for a character you’ve played in at least one session (you can abandon this goal after one session, but must play another session before posting another Big Goa1) 1
Character accomplishes a significant step towards their Big Goal 2
Character achieves their Big Goal 5


Three or more players may set themselves a Big Goal together. The characters must have been played in at least one session together. The Big Goal must be posted, but the posting earns no XP. Then, each session in which ALL the characters appear and which accomplishes a significant step toward their Big Goal earns each player 3 XP, and if the Big Goal is achieved, each player earns 10 XP.


Post session account 1
Post session summary haiku 0.5
Post world/culture/hook/random table/whatever idea 1
World/culture/random table/whatever idea used in play (first time) 2
Post illustration or map 2


Special Inspirational Scot award (Little Idiot only) 5
Special OCD award (Invincible Overlord only) 5
Special Founding Father award (James only) 5

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