Player Quendalon
Class Fighter 1
Title Veteran
Alignment Neutral
Special Languages (Common, Glantrian)
Strength 13 (+1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 9 (can read and write native languages)
Wisdom 5 (-2 to magic-based saving throws)
Dexterity 14 (+1 on "to hit" rolls, initiative; -1 bonus to armor class)
Constitution 16 (+2 hit points per die)
Charisma 13 (+1 reaction adjustment; max. 5 retainers; 8 morale)
Armor Class 1
Hit Points 10
Noteworthy Possessions
Sword +1; potions of antidote, aqualung, bug repellent, gas; treasure map; leopard-skin cloak


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