Martín Le Black
Player Lord_Bodacious
Class Fighter 7
Title Champion
Alignment Lawful
Strength 13 (+1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 6 (Can write simple Common words)
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 8 (-1 on "to hit" rolls, initiative; +1 penalty to armor class)
Constitution 17 (+2 points per die)
Charisma 15 (+1 reaction; 5 retainers; 8 morale)
Armor Class 0
Hit Points 63
Special Abilities
Toxicology: Able to recognize a variety of drugs and poisons and engineer their antidotes.
Lust for Life: Roll twice and take the higher result when gaining hit points.
Divine Charm: +4 Charisma from Ululaya's blessing (11 -> 15).
Noteworthy Possessions
Adironne's Guardian, Skaldene, Cutlass +2, Plate Armor +1, Sheepshead Ring, Ring of Fire Resistance, Silver Raven, Cursed Ring of Water Breathing, Flask of Preservation, Poison Kit, Potion Holster, Magnificent Morion


A rogue, a blackguard, and a scoundrel, Martín Le Black scraped out a brutal youth on the rough streets of Glantri City. After the demise of his wretched brother Francois, Martín joined the Company of Crossed swords, claiming his brother's position as Captain (and his enchanted blade).

A champion of the Goblish people, Martín was awarded the role of Second Goblin Master to the house Hazart (the settlement a minor legal dispute with Alzenia Hazart). The noble Shadowslayer even founded an orphanage to take in the poorest goblin waifs, abandoned to the streets of Glantri. Four of the orphans were moved to Malinbois where they were trained by the elite of the Company of Crossed Swords in to a fearsome foursome of Goblin Knights.

After being shrunk as a most dire side effect as a result of some reckless quaffery, Le Black and his companions journeyed to the Isle of Pearl, where the goddess Ululaya returned Le Black to his former stature, healed his body, and unleashed the chaotic being that had lain dormant within his sword, Bazilien.

In a bold effort to discover the lost study of Evangelista d'Invernesse, Martín was bitten by a phase spider and killed! Relinquishing the chaotic artifact Bazilien as collateral, the party had Le Black resurrected by the Priestesses of Trianoma. Upon meeting the goddess, Martín was converted to the path of Law. In a surprising twist, Hamish the Dim, High Vicar of the Boss appeared in an attempt to salvage the faith of his highest level devotee. As a compromise, the two agreed to convert the church of Bossism to the way of Law. Martín currently swears his devotion to both the Boss and Trianoma.

Defeating the demon princess Anara, the Company retrieved a mighty cache of eight enchanted swords, most of which they traded to the house Marais for Skaldene, a most eccentric blade. Though the weapon was intended to be borne by Roland Zanzibar, the sword demanded a more lawful keeper, and was remanded into the custody of Martin le Black. This powerfully enchanted sword blesses those in hearing radius with its inspiring song, and can detect all manner of hidden things.

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