Employer Martin Le Black
Class Goblin 1
Title Gobling
Alignment Chaotic
Morale +1 (8)
Armor Class 6(7)
Hit Points 6
Special Abilities
Infravision, Dodge Big 'uns
Noteworthy Possessions
Whiteye's Sword, Leather Armor, Shield, Short Bow, Club, Silver Dagger, Goat (Bootblack)

A stout and spunky fellow with a measure of forest goblin blood. Marcel Bitterberry, as he calls himself, is perhaps not as young and malleable as one might desire in a manservant, but he seems brave and demonstrates some basic skill at arms — which he claims to have been taught by his former master, sadly deceased in the troubles to the south.

Purchased at auction in Glantri City by Martin Le Black, Second Goblin Master of House Hazart, Marcel has been adapting to a his life of danger, adventure, and wealth.

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