Maps Of The White Sandbox

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Campaign Map to Date

Outdoor Survival White Sandbox Map has the current campaign locations

White Sandbox Journey to the Lost City
A map of the route taken by Potiphar Twice-Shy and the adventurers who survived him to travel from the settlement of Hruhrudingfallor to the Lost City. One hex = 5 miles across.

White Sandbox Belltower
A map of the town upriver from the swamps near the Lost City. One hex = defined somewhere in the Ready Ref Sheets under the Triumphant Grand Tactical heading, I think.

Lotur's Pawnshop
Map of the Golden Balls, Lotur's property in Belltower.

White Sandbox Outdoor Survival Map
A map of the wilderness beyond Hruhrudingfallor, given to the party by Patriarch Zekon and roughly verified by aerial observation. One hex = 5 miles across.
A more recently updated version by oban

White Sandbox Maldoor's Lost City Exploration Map
An amazing map of the party's explorations beneath the Lost City, as compiled by Maldoor. One square = 10 feet.

White Sandbox Thracian Burial Chamber Map
A map found in the chest of the burial chamber, along with a wooden box containing two 50 gp diamonds, a begemmed statue of Athena, and a scroll in Thracian reading:
Dark God, Death's Head,
Sealed Forever in Ceaseless Mourning.
Captive and Kept From Service to Man.
Lost to Man is the Oracle Wise.

White Sandbox Swamp Flyover Map
This is the view from the air of the region surrounding the demesne of Tim the Moonslayer (shown by the star above the hexagon). Map covers an area 30 miles in length; 1 turn = 1 hour.

White Sandbox Zekon's First Cross-section
White Sandbox Zekon's Second Cross-section
White Sandbox Zekon's Cavern City Map
Maps traded to the party by the Patriarch Zekon, which he uncovered during his research into the Lost City.

Hexes of the World, from Large to Small

These are early, fanciful maps that may not accurately reflect the modern geography of the White Sandbox campaign.

Acid Fantasy 30 mile overview
A map of the White Sandbox region of the Awesome Planet as seen from the stratosphere. 1 turn = 1 season.

Acid Fantasy, Continental Scale Hexes
A map of the White Sandbox. Shows a region similar in size to Greece or Scandinavia. 1 turn = 1 month.

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