Malinbois is a small fortified town in New Averoigne, at the edge of the Forest of Arden. It is the last major settlement on the road north from Glantri City; beyond it lie the ruins of Ch√Ęteau D'Ambreville, the Ghost Tower of Inverness, and other places destroyed in the civil war.

The folk of Malinbois are friendly, yet cautious of strangers. Who knows but that a visitor might be a dark sorcerer, a werewolf, or some other menace drawn by the power of the d'Ambrevilles? On the other hand, those adventurers who succeed in unearthing the treasures of the old wizarding families have enriched the town considerably, and the townsfolk take care to make such adventurers welcome.

Notable Characters:
Gerard de Marais, Count of Malinbois, Prince of Nouvelle Averoigne
Jaina, a seeress, ugly, gifted with herbs
Neva, a witch, beautiful, said to be a fallen nun
Tertulian, a magician, studying the lore of the Ambrevilles
Lord Marchosias, envoy to the Count, this spit-shined emissary has a rogues heart and a taste for the rough life.
Luc de Luc, The court Jester of Malinbois, many
Garag ak Mel, apprentice harlequin and bully-boy to Luc de Luc. Garag is an excellent juggler and tumbler despite his hunch back.

Notable Locations:
The Smoking Owl: An inn frequented by unsavory sorts, such as dockworkers and adventurers who are unaffiliated with the Company of Crossed Swords, the latter not necessarily being savory, either.

Map of Malinbois:

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