Player E.T. Smith
Class Cleric
Title Adept
Alignment Lawful
Special Turn Undead, Builder Spells
Strength 5 (-2 to hit, damage)
Intelligence 8 (semi-literate)
Wisdom 15 (+1 to save vs. spell)
Dexterity 16 (+2 to armor, ranged attack)
Constitution 6 (-1 hit point)
Charisma 11 (4 hirelings, 7 morale)
Armor Class 1
Hit Points 6
Points 2101
Gold 1226

"Stride forth boldly, shining incorruptible light where darkness has held power too long!" Cardinal Ludwig famously commanded the clergy when he first addressed the One Lawful Church of the Great Builder in Specularum. Maduro isn't nearly so ambitous. A modest son of simple peasants, he has been content to shepard just one small piece of the church's domain, in the form of his own self, into portly middle-age intact. Though he sincerely believes in the teachings of Law and gets satisfaction from contributing to the struggle against evil, he feels his duty is adequately served by saying prayers thrice a day and seeing to his modest tasks, with enough time left in the evening to enjoy a cup of ale or two. Barely literate, and thus of little value as a clerk, his churchly duties formerly entailed transporting mundane goods by mule cart (a few casks of sacramental wine, a new set of pews and suchlike) as needed to new parishes, also providing what little defense such shipments needed. This all changed when he found himself in Threshold during a dawning crisis and the local priest, mistakenly assuming that every churchman from Specularum was possessed of formidable abilities, cajoled Maduro into joining the Expedition To The Lost Mine

Since Maduro began his adventuring career the constant danger and contrasting great rewards has changed his personality somewhat. Even the modest holy miracles he's recently been able to manifest is more power than he ever imagined wielding personally, and thus he's developed an unfortunate streak of pride with a resulting judgmental tendency. His disagreement and rivalry with Thorina, a fellow acolyte of the church, may only be the first repercussion of this failure of modesty.

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