The Lotuskeepers

Type: Civilized
Race: Elves
Alignment: N

Population: 126 elves, 171 giant day geckos

42% strength elves
57% strength mounts

Tribal Move: Mounted
Elves Move:
Mounts Move:

The Lotuskeepers are a splinter group of exiles from the great elven city-state of Trammaleré. Their addiction to the black lotus was considered a burden on society, so they were forced to live in the swamps on their own. There they constructed the small town of Mitha, which is best known for its bizarre, dream-like architecture.

The elves live a simple existence, due mostly to the fact that they spend practically every hour of every day in a drug-induced trance. This also accounts for their scant population, which has been in a steady decline since their departure from Trammaleré four centuries ago.

Their only industry is black lotus, which they trade with other civilized tribes for food and goods. Each citizen is required to spend one hour per day tending the lotus bog. Failure to do so results in a withholding of the offender's lotus ration. The elves' addiction is so severe that complete withdrawal would result in death, so this law is rarely broken.

Leader: The Great One

Type: Outsider
Origin: Teleport Accident
Alignment: N

One moment the Great One was speaking to the great dwarven hero, Flint Stone, the next he was in the midst of an elven opium den. His power of teleportation appeared to be gone, so he was forced to make the best of an awkward situation. He has seized control of the elves by claiming to be the avatar of a dreaming god, in hopes of using them to find a means to return home.

Current Situation

The Lotuskeepers have their dwellings among a maze of bayous. They encounter packs of 2-4 werewolves every week or so, sometimes more than one pack.
Patrols of Women march through the swamp twice a month. They usually have about a score of crossbows wearing tiger-striped headresses, and a score of heavy foot in chainmail wielding long spears with skulls stuck on them.
Sky-jellyfish have been seen in the sky to the east. There are sometimes flames hanging from the gasbags, and once the sky lit up when one of them exploded.

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