Lost Mine

The Lost Mine of the Nichtgetan, a small outpost for an off-shoot of the main Dwarf clan, is no more than a day's journey from Threshold, yet few have visited it since the Red Dragon swept over the Black Peaks. Many believed that the Nichtgetan family of Dwarves were executed by the Dragon Army, but this was never confirmed.

Recently, Tyrfing the Dwarven Hero, who was related to the Nichtgetan family, hired adventurers to explore the Lost Mine and bring him news of his kin. Their expedition revealed that the Nichtgetan Dwarves weren't killed; instead, they surrendered and became collaborators, helping to forge weapons for the Dragon Army in the innumerable raids and wars throughout the region. Humiliated, broken, and completely dishonored, the Nichtgetan appear to have been wiped out by the Tooth Gnasher Goblin clan, which sought refuge in the Lost Mine following the Dragon Army's recent defeat.

Mysteries of the Lost Mine

  • Bargle the Warlock was reported to have been here; his purpose in coming is unknown.
  • Adventurers reported hearing a strange, ethereal chanting in the Mine Office on Level 1.
  • There was also a copper wire 'catch' on an iron desk in the Mine Office; it was left untouched.
  • Undead monsters were seen in the Champion's Room on Level 2.
  • Level 3, and any other levels below it, were left unexplored, though ravenous Bugbears were heard.
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