Lord Stefan

Lord Stefan is a successful feudal aristocrat, which means that he is boisterously wild one moment, shrewdly calculating the next—like Peter Fonda in The Lion in Winter. In any dilemma, Stefan does what's best for Stefan; by historical accident this has been often good for his subjects, too. Though not brilliant, he is calculating except when carried away by his revelries or boasting.

Though he's a capable fighter and strategist, Lord Stefan now finds political enemies on all sides. Though Lord Stefan routed most of the Dragon Army, he did so at the cost of alienating the Dwarves, and the immortal Witch-Queen Nindë Nemacîl is cool to Lord Stefan's claims to the territory. Cardinal Ludwig and Renata the Robber each hope to unseat him, and Lord Stefan's pragmatism renders him too unprincipled to pledge his service to the gods. The Thieves Guild and Halfling partisans like Rosehill are perhaps his most plausible allies, but the Guild is very secretive, and the Halflings mistrust their new lords. By striking his own path, he has gone a great distance, but he cannot get much further without help—and he's now isolated himself from almost all the power players. He could probably use the help of some ambitious adventurers.

Class Fighter 9
Alignment Neutral
Armor Class 0
Hit Points 40
Attacks Dragon Slayer (against non-dragons: +6 to hit, 1d8+1 damage)
Special Charge, Parry, Set Spear, Smite; Followers
Points 900
Gear Dragon Slayer, Enchanted Shield, Potion of Red Dragon Control, Plate Armor
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