Looters Of F'Chelrak's Tomb

Little is known about the seven humans and demi-humans who, with their trusty mule, raided the skeletal finger tower of F'chelrak's Tomb about a month before Session #26. They seem to have been reasonably expert dungeoneers, although they missed the shaft that contained the star sapphire. If the other treasures they made off with were of similar value, these adventurers are rich indeed.

The party's only casualty appears to have been lost due to greed; the hobbit named Longo Boffin slipped away from the rest of the party through a secret door that led to F'chelrak's resting place, where he was possessed by that ancient Thracian wizard. Longo seems to have spent the time since sending out his pet manticores to hunt the forest to the north-east of Hruhrudingfallor and performing divinations to update himself on recent events.

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