Lára Lilja

After the events of session 24, an attempt was made to contact the Ninth Menegril by someone from the Grey Company's own Prime Material Plane who knew the contact rhyme. As the Ninth Menegril was in stasis at the time, his seneschal Cahaya Bambang dispatched the shadow K-Dubbs to investigate. K-Dubbs reported that:

- the supplicant was a human woman named Lára Lilja
- her dress and personal style mark her as a berserker, although her conduct and speech were remarkably refined and calm
- she claims to carry a message from King Snurre
- according to her, Snurre told her that one of his vassals recently contracted with a magic-user named Tizun Thane to put a ward on the vassal's treasure room
- it appears that in the process of this work, Tizun Thane left a magical portal in place, which he or his associates have used to rob the vassal
- in exchange for assistance with bringing the thieves to justice & restoring the vassal's reputation, and hopefully treasure, Snurre will offer the Ninth Menegril a remarkable suit of human-size armor and shield which he has recently come into possession of, which he claims gives the wearer supernatural strength, hardiness, and (when the visor is lowered) immunity to mind-affecting magics.

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