Lady Madule

Lady Madule of the Raven Hair
Glory: 554
APP: 13

Lady Madule's father was a knight under Earl Roderick of Salisbury, Earl Robert's father. Both he and his wife, Madge, were killed during a Saxon raid on their manor during the Anarchy Period. Their only daughter, Madule, was raised at Amesbury Abbey, where she met a young Morgan le Fay. It's rumored that the two young women were caught practicing druidic magic, which ultimately led to their dismissal by the nuns.

Madule is a wealthy heiress. She holds two demense manors and five enfeoffed manors, which are currently ruled by her cousins. She also owns one of the largest collections of books in Salisbury — roughly two dozen tomes, including a wonderfully illuminated Bible.

Sir Carabad has devotedly courted the Lady Madule for several years. Her reactions are enticingly ambivalent.

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