King Snurre

Snurre Ironbelly, also called King Snurre, was a notorious lord of fire giants. His wife was Queen Frupy.

It appears that, at the request of his hill giant vassal Chief Nosnra, King Snurre hired Tizun Thane to ward the treasure room of Nosnra's steading. Both sides betrayed one another: Thane left one of his magic mirrors connected to the treasure room, which the Grey Company later used to rob the hill giant's treasure. However, Snurre's payment to Thane was infected with creeping coins, which Thane did not detect because his brain had been eaten by his bodyguard Thraaaak.

King Snurre hired an elven woman, Lara Lija, to attempt to discover the identity of the thieves.

King Snurre was sent by the frost giants to engineer a volcanic eruption to bring a false winter so that they could march on the Stronghold of First Principles. He succeeded in driving off the dragon Scather, who slew his pet pyrohydra but was then too wounded to resist the advance of King Snurre's troops. With the help of the dwarf Obmi, he created three weeks of eruption, but was slain by the Gynarch during the assault on the volcano. Both Obmi and Queen Frupy died as well.

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