King Arthur Pendragon

Session Notes

513 AD - A group of squires protect Britain's fragile feudal economy by slaying a bear.
514 AD - The young knights of Salisbury seek glory at the wedding of King Arthur.
515 AD - A rebellion in Malahaut sends our knights to the north.
516 AD - Our knights participate in the Battle of the Humber Banks.
517 AD - Victory is earned with blood in the Battle of Lincoln.
518 AD - The search for King Pellinore and the Battle of Badon Hill.
519 AD - In which Earl Robert is married and his tournament is ruined.
520 AD - The knights of Salisbury join King Anguish in the Battle of the Mountain of Women.
521 AD - A summer of skirmishing and raiding along the Salisbury-Silchester border.
522 AD - Sir Carabad and Sir Clegis find woe in Ireland while Sir Hervis, Sir Cibno, and Sir Pellandres clash swords with Sir Brus sans Pitie.
523 AD - In search of Merlin, our knights find adventure in the Perilous Forest and the Wastelands.
524 AD - A battle for the soul of Britain is fought at the Castle of Joy.
525 AD - King Arthur invades France.

Knights of the Red Box

Sir Carabad — "Stout of heart and soft of wit, but sworn to the cause of justice"
Sir Hervis the Fleet-of-Foot and Long-of-Moustache.
Sir Cibno — a former squire to Sir Carabad
Sir Clegis — a former squire to Sir Hervis, known to some as "The Bloody Roman"
Sir Emerause — "Sworn enemy of all bears."
Sir Pellandres the Proud — "A most famous and glorious knight… or so he says."

Knights Errant

Sir Guy the Cruel — "Cruel, but fair. But mostly cruel."
Sir Phelot
Sir Morion
Sir Petain
Sir Uwain — "A knight of questionable character."

Notable Personae

King Arthur, High King of Britain
Queen Guinevere, High Queen of Britain
Sir Kay, the King's Seneschal

King Anguish, King of Leinster
Queen Isould, Queen of Leinster

Sir Agravaine of Orkney

King Pellinore
Sir Lamorak de Gales, son of King Pellinore

Earl Robert of Salisbury
Lady Ellen of the White Horse Veil
Sir Jaradan, Marshal of Salisbury

Lady Madule, of the Raven Hair

Duke Ulfius of Silchester
Sir Laern of Silchester, vassal of Duke Ulfius

Sir Gadwick, Steward of Levcomagus
Sir Aelfric, vassal of Sir Gadwick
Sir Morris, vassal of Sir Gadwick

Lord Gladius of Wandborough
Sir Paulus, vassal of Lord Gladius
Sir Agorix, vassal of Lord Gladius
Sir Tanirus, vassal of Lord Gladius

Duke Derfel of Lindsey

Sir Timbleton, formerly of Malahaut

Abbot Steven of Whitby (aka "The Mad Abbot")

Campaign notes

An Arthurian Calendar, the important holidays and tournament of your average year

Rule Summaries

These are all from the Fourth Edition unless noted otherwise.

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Wealth in Pendragon
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