Player FredH
Class Fighter 3
Title Swashbuckler
Alignment Neutral
Special Languages (Common, Glantrian)
Strength 12
Intelligence 12 (read and write native languages)
Wisdom 12
Dexterity 5 (-2 on "to hit" rolls; -1 to initiative; -2 penalty to armor class)
Constitution 13 (+1 hit points per die)
Charisma 13 (+1 reaction adjustment; max. 5 retainers; 8 morale)
Armor Class 5 (6 when dual-wielding)
Hit Points 21
Special Ability
Dual Wielder: Fights with two blades; can attack twice per round.
Noteworthy Possessions
Adironne's Guardian, dandelion mail +1, White-Eye's sword


Karvenn was born in the village of Fortune's Hole, in the Glantrian province of Trintan — one of the Occupied Territories. He joined the Company of Crossed Swords to loot the tower at Mienville.

Sadly, Karvenn perished in the Serpent Tower of Chateau d'Ambreville, felled by a poison dart trap beneath the altar of a serpentine Chaos god. Though resurrected by the priestesses of Trianoma, he died a second and final death, again at Ambreville, defending his escaping Company-mates from a swarm of gnolls.

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