Deaconess Caja

Deaconess Lea Caja is the leader of the Church of the Killing Frost in Hruhrudingfallor. According to its disciple E.N. Lightenment, the Frost sees this Age of Creation as corrupt. It is full of lying, cheating, stealing, decadence, and all other sorts of evidence of Man's failings. The Frost wants to end this Age and bring about a new one. Similar to the flood in Noah's time, the Frost wants a cleansing frost with which to wipe away all of it and start again.

Caja traded E.N. Lightenment a frost-scroll of raise dead in exchange for a scroll of levitate, two bags which warn of pickpockets, and a promise to have Ookla spar with Captain Rakotis.

She was contacted by frost giants who also serve the Killing Frost to help them divine the location of the thieves who stole from the treasure room of King Snurre's vassal. Her auguries directed them to the Stronghold of First Principles, which she would like to see destroyed to remove a bastion of Law from the northern wilderness.

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