Millus arches an eyebrow as Hanna and Roland unpack the enchanted arms. "Do you not recognize the sword? I suppose the southerners are less concerned with Vales. My fee for history lessons is nominal, but I would like to…. if you don't mind?" Millus hefts the greatsword up, and chortles as it flashes before him. Before Roland can react, Millus swings wildly- narrowly missing his customers and neatly slicing several stacked ledgers in two. "This is Judgement! The Hexarch Guillemot Ripert carried this blade on his march into the Eastern Vales when they still threatened Glantri- they called him 'the Grim'. He rarely negotiated, if you catch my meaning. It's not only sharp and true… look how it flashes! It wants to strike! The pommel hints at its identity, but the inscription is legendary in certain circles. How did you wrangle it from the Hexarchy?"

Judgement is a two-handed sword with a heavy hexagonal pommel. Its blade carries an engraving in High Glantrian: Absit iniuria verbis - “Let injury by words be absent.” The sword has a +1 enchantment, but permits the wielder to roll initiative normally.

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