Journey to the Ouestmarche

Roland will enter the Ouestmarche and discreetly secure lodging in as unassuming a tavern as he can find on the outskirts of town. He will inquire about the state of his family's farm, and the current whereabouts of his father, Roncevaux. He left the Ouestmarche with Wolfric Zanzibar only 3 years ago or so, but who knows what may have happened. Once he discovers his father's location (hopefully back farming dirt where he left him), he will repair to the family farm for a visit and to discuss his current situation with his father.

If all this is successful, and his father is convinced to participate in the ruse, Roland will stash Roncevaux away with Pigshit in their rooms. He will then contact a guide, particularly if the weather is starting to turn bad, with instructions that he should be ready to leave at a moment's notice and be prepared to travel back to Malinbois via the most expeditious route. He will leave instructions with Pigshit and his father that if Roland does not return from his next errand in 4 days to contact the aforementioned guide and immediately leave the province and not return.

At this point, Roland will play his final gambit. He will seek an audience with the Baron Zanzibar, having himself introduced as a captain of the Company of Crossed Swords and a war veteran of the Siege of Gantelet. Appearing as his most dashing and valorous best, he will address the Baron, in private, thusly:

Baron Zanzibar, my name is Roland, a son of this, your bountiful land of the Ouestmarche. Three years ago, you sent me away as traveling companion to you son, Wolfric Zanzibar. Your son Wolfric, if you will pardon my candor, was an evil man. He was a secret priest of the Sword Princes of Chaos, and met his end at odds with an ogre, whom I subsequently slew, as honor dictated. If you will allow me to speak plainly my lord, I have an offer for you. After your son Wolfric was laid to rest I, a simple farmer's son, chose not to allow the name 'Zanzibar', a name which I grew up respecting and loving, to fall into ignominy from that man's actions and end. Again, I beg your pardon for my plain speech my lord, but in the east I took up your name as your son. I have done many deeds under the moniker of 'Zanzibar', and have brought fame and respect to your family name in the capital. So much so my lord, that as Lord Zanzibar, I have risen to such a height that my proposal of marriage has been accepted by a noblewoman of the House Marais! My offer to you sir, is to accept me as your rightful son and heir and accompany me immediately eastward to attend the nuptials. In return, House Zanzibar will be forever linked with House Marais, raising your status, the status of your house, and the status of the Ouestmarche. In addition, it will be your grandchildren who will marry the counts, marquis', barons, and sovereigns of the south. What say you, my lord? Will you accept my offer? Will you accept me as your son?

Roland finishes off his monologue with a winning smile.

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