Player OtspIII
Class Thief 2
Title Footpad
XP 1424
GP 51 gp
Alignment Neutral
Special Lockpicking Specialty, Thief Skills, Backstab
Strength 11
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 12
Constitution 7 (-1hp/hd)
Charisma 8 (-1 reaction adj)
Armor Class 7
Hit Points 5
Special Ability
Noteworthy Possessions
A bear skull in a large bag.

Initially brought along by the irresponsible Raphael The Red Radiant Rider, Jean is a young farm-boy in way over his head. The violent and sudden death of his psuedo-mentor shook him deeply, but without any marketable skills it seems his fate is to continue dungeon-raiding at the side of the Company of the Crossed Swords. He is a compulsive and sulky liar.

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