Jarri the Pale


7th level () - Dwarven Stonebeard (Fighting-Man)

* Exceptionally Dim
* Exceptionally Tough
* Foolish
* Alignment: Chaotic

A broad-shouldered dwarf completely bereft of any pigmentation/color whatsoever; even his eyeballs and irises are white. (Yes, I know the art shows him as bluish. That's his two levels of Pale Dwarf showing through)

STR 8 (Secondary attribute, so not weak)
DEX 11
CON 15 (Primary attribute)
CHR 10

Special Ability: Fortitude - Successful saving throws in situations which normally would take half-damage on successes are reduced to no damage/effect.

Class Abilities: 1. Increased resistance to poison, fear and magic-based saving throws
2. Increased AC vs. large opponents (i.e. giant class)

Magic item(s):

1. "Goblin Smasher" Dwarven runehammer: +2, for all practical purposes, warhammer (+1 base enchantment, +1 Ancient Dwarven Secret)
2. 11 unidentified potions

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