Janus Stradivarian
Player dreaming_phase
Class Elf 2
Title Veteran-Medium
XP 6451 xp
GP -123 gp
Alignment Neutral
Special Spells, Languages (Common, Thyatian)
Spellbook Sleep, Light
Strength 11
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Charisma 13
Armor Class 0
Hit Points 7
Special Ability
Stradivarian Blood Sigils: +1 AC when wielding a shield and wearing armor inscribed with Stradivarian Blood Sigils. Note that the sigils lose their power if Janus becomes tainted.
Noteworthy Possessions
plate mail, troglodyte shield, both white-washed and inscribed with protective sigils, glass sword +1, short bow, red silk robes, scrollcase


The House Stradivarian
A noble house older than time, the Stradivarian name itself is a Thyatianised form of "Stratti-Vara", as the house was known prior to the Thyatian conquest. Some time after the conquest, the house was inducted into the senatorial ranks where it has remained since. The house has a number of peculiarities, the most prominent of which is it's obsession with the purity of its bloodline, as described below.

The Stradivarian Bloodline
The bloodline is known to be infused with potent magic dating back to the beginnings of the family. However efforts to preserve the bloodline, including extensive inbreeding, have made Stradivarians susceptible to the taint. As such, members of the house take great care to avoid becoming tainted, and perform purification rituals on a daily basis to prevent the taint from taking hold.

The taint is caused by physical contact with those of non-noble blood, the consumption of animal flesh, or the exposure of wounds during battle. If left untreated, the taint causes loss of spellcasting abilities, and eventually madness.

The taint can be cured through the recitation of the Stradivarian Mantras, the burning of incense, and ritual bathing - depending on the degree and source of the taint.

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