Items Of Note

These are weapons and other items discovered or retained by the Company of Crossed Swords in their travels.
Aliénor's Emerald Ring
Aliénor's Ruby Ring
Aliénor's Sapphire Ring
Amelie's Mirror, within which was trapped the soul of Amelie d'Erevan
Adironne's Guardian, a defensive short sword
Armor of Rochare de Specularum, platemail
Hilduin's Cube of Power, an artifact of rare force
Dandelion Mail
Diamondheart, a short sword
Dimmerknackt, a dwarven two-handed hammer
Friend of the Perch, platemail
Glass Sword
The Grand Grimoire of Archembault the Archmage
Hammer of Lilith
The Hunter's Cap
Judgement, a greatsword
Sandrophal's Spikestaff
Sheepshead Ring
Silverstrike, a hand axe
Silver Raven, the, a figurine of wondrous power
Sixty-Six Fangs, a short sword
The Spear of Omorose, a spear dedicated to the demigoddess Seff
Theril's Staff
Troglodyte Shield
Yakutz the Bloody, a partisan

Items no longer possessed by the party

Bazilien, a long sword (given to the Temple of Trianoma)
Brooch of the Sentinel (taken by Borek, a Darokinese garrison captain)
Darkbane, one of the Lightblades sacred to the gods of Law (returned to the Church of Trianoma upon Richard Loubeau's demise)
Helm of Ulfhethinn, a helmet (sold by Cut Coutelain while possessed by the soul of Andore the Quick)
The Horn of Resounding
Manual of Golems (traded to Marvolo de Sylaire in exchange for ending Pritchard Hood's indenture)
Obsidian Dagger of Camazotz
Passager, a spear (sucked into the void within a weird golem's chest compartment)
Piccolo of Levitation, a flute made of bone (given to Evangelista de Sylaire as part of Pritchard Hood's indenture)
Spellbooks of Phoebe d'Ambreville (given to House Marais, though the party retains access to their contents)
Storm-Charged Staff, an aquamarine-tipped magic staff (traded to the Marais for Sixty-Six Fangs)
Souk's Ruse (taken by Borek, a Darokinese garrison captain)
Ta's Abschied, a mage's bracing glove (given to Evangelista de Sylaire as part of Pritchard Hood's indenture)
Wind's Edge (given to the Temple of Trianoma)

Other items

Imperturbable Ward
Lightblades, the

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