Into Rary's Tower

Real World Info:

This session was played October 16, 2010, featuring Quadrigemina, Teraton and hirelings Gimli, Boinger, Fingers, Viktra(?), Janus

Brief Summary

Quadrigemina the Enchanter and Teraton the Swashbuckler, together with loyal retainers, sought to plunder the Tower of Rary the Traitor. After slaughtering some bandits camped outside the Tower's catacombs, the pair overcame Demon-Crows, necromantic abominations, and a gargantuan spider-beast. Unfortunately, upon entering Rary's laboratory, Bargle the Warlock strolled in upon them and incinerated almost the entire bunch. Only Teraton escaped.

Full Summary

I. Fresh Off the Battlefield, Onto the Spoils of War!

The Enchanter Quadrigemina (or Humbert) rode with the Swashbuckler Teraton departing the field of battle. Cardinal Ludwig's forces had been routed by the forces of Lord Stefan. The two adventurers sought to stake claim to the treasures of Rary's Tower, where various rumors swirled. Accompanying them, a contingent of Men-at-arms of various proficiencies.

II. Renata the Robber's Band, or, Quadrigemina is a PSYCHO

Advance scouts note a camp of bandits (or adventurers??) on the road to the tower. Boinger, the halfling scout is caught by the bandits, and apparently is voluntarily drinking with them. The bandits carry the banner of the Cardinal Ludwig.

Seeing no easy means around them, the party unfurls the banner of Lord Stefan,and dress in the Lord's colors, as a pretense to question the bandits. The halfling, in fact, is relaxed and happy among the bandits, who assume guarded positions as the party brazenly rides in. The bandits state that they are not in fact servants of the Cardinal, merely adventurers who befell misfortune in the Tower (one of their number is wounded, nursing a broken leg) and will sell us a map for 50gp, detailling what they discovered. One of their number, introduced as Renata (a famed celebrity of the land), is quietly recognized by Quadrigemina, who agrees to purchase the map. Erupting a fireball in the middle of the bandit camp once it reaches his hands, 6 of the 7 bandits perish, including the famed robber, but not before one of their number breaks for the tower.

III. The Demon Birds

Gimli, Boinger, Fingers and others pursue the last man, who leads them over a pit trap, which catches the dwarf. Mohag, the last of the bandits, waves his hands and cries, provoking demon crows from above to fly down the cliff face onto his pursuers. Mohag then disappears into the rear entrance of Rary's catacombs. The birds flutter down, cawing in the human death-cries of recent battles.

Quadrigemina's web catches most of the birds, but is too late to save Fingers, who perishes as he is pecked to death by the horrible flock. The party dispatches the rest and sets up camp outside the catacomb entrance, waiting for Mohag. In the middle of the night, strange noises come from the catacombs, but it is a burning acidy glop that drips down from above that alarms the party sufficiently to send the remaining (living) Apprentice up to find the nests of the birds above. Starving hatchlings are dying among the regurgitated vitriol which is leaking down the cliff.

IV. Larvae?

The next day, the party enters the catacombs, to find a room full of pulsing fetuses, with faces of recently departed. Killing one sets off a loud series of noises which alert a giant beetle to wander in. We dispatch the beetle, and the cleric turns the abominations, which erupt into flame.

V. Mohag Gets A Last Word

Consulting the map, we choose the ogre room next, and find Mohag hiding there. Mohag fires an arrow into Quadrigemina who casts Charm Person. Believing the spell to be successful, he questions Mohag for quite a while, learning that Bargle led the procession, and departed with the ogre here for deeper exploration of the tower. The map is Bargle's and is based on his assumptions of how the Catacombs are laid out, though we later learn that Rary may have modified his safeguards in case his former apprentice decided to return. It is here that Quadrigemina leaves himself open to a backstab by Mohag, who seriously wounds Quadrigemina before being killed.

VI. The Ascending Staircase

The map shows deviations from Bargle's memory here, but we find essentially the same directions lead where we want. Ascending stairs have a pile of bones on the bottom. Knowing that 'skeletons' was written on our map, we turn half of them before destroying the rest.

Up the thin, winding staircase, we ascend above ground. Ambush in the form of a Tarantella proves dangerous, as party members scurry to flatten themselves against the wall. The Apprentice Janus casts sleep which quiets the spider and half the party. Once everyone is awakened, we push the spider off the ledge, where it squishes on the ground below. Following ogre footprints, we see the archway leading to Rary's laboratory, along with another door and stairs leading up further.

VII. The Laboratory of Rary the Traitor

Teraton decides we should explore the laboratory of Rary. We are quickly met by his guards, 7' tall apes with two long fangs coming from their faces. Speaking in the language of the Trickster, Quadrigemina states that the party members are reinforcements who have been told to ascend further into the tower. The Apes tell that the cell in the room is the breeding ground for the master's super-soldiers, and is not to be disturbed. Humbert then asks whether Bargle (Apprentice to the Master) is here, since we are to find him for our instructions. When the Apes call him from the next room, Quadrigemina immediately readies a fireball, but too late. Bargle throws the door open quickly telling his own soldiers to disperse to the far wall, and explodes a fireball into the middle of the party, killing everyone but Gimli and Teraton.

When Gimli charges the retreating Bargle, Teraton uses this opportunity to escape the tower, and is, as of now, the only survivor of this doomed expedition.

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