I'm New, Now What?

If you're reading this, you probably are a new player who wants to join in and check stuff out. We've created this page to help you get oriented.

So what do I do next?

Hop onto the Forum's New Players category, and introduce yourself! Who are you? What are you interested in playing? What do you do when you're not gaming? That kind of thing. But in order to post your introduction, you'll need to create a Wikidot account.

How do I join the site?

You can click around and read things without joining anything, but if you want to participate on the forum or edit the wiki, you'll need to Go Here. This will create an application for membership.

James checks the applications for new members approximately once a week, but he is often forgetful and stupid. Please be patient.

James won't get off his fat ass to approve my membership fast enough for my tastes. What should I do?

As an adventurer in D&D, you can only move 120 feet in a 10 minute turn. Patience, therefore, is a virtue. (Translation: as soon as I can figure out how you can e-mail me directly, I'll set that up.)

Do you guys have a secret handshake, or some other code of behavior?

No, but we have a Coolness Policy, which as a new member you need to review. If you can't handle the Coolness Policy we're probably not the right group for you.

Where do you guys play?

We almost always play on the second floor of Cafe 28, located at 28th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Cafe 28 isn't an ideal location: there's only one bathroom, and the food & drinks are kind of expensive, and if I have to hear Lady Gaga one more time I'll go crazy. But it's centrally located and they've put up with us for two years.

Still, other locations are always welcome.

How can I jump in and play?

Hang out on the forums. There's often a scheduling thread as people work out days and times for games. Eric's Principalities of Glantri game meets approximately once a week on various weeknights; Tavis's White Sandbox game plays about once a month on weekends. We hope to have more games soon.

I want to run my own game!

You're welcome to do so, but please play with us a few times first, to get a feel of how we do things. We've been lucky enough to have really good Dungeon Masters in our gang, so it's a good idea to check out how they handle play so you can judge our players' expectations.

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