Session #30: How The Pharoah's Diamond Became Underwear Rubies

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Session 30


The Players
John Fighter (Adrian)
Lotur the Scurrilous Cur (Chris)
Maldoor (Thad)
Arnold (James) - in a most unfortunate cameo appearance

Arnold Littleworth

Enemies Defeated
4 zombies
1 Magic-user librarian
4 adventuers (3 slain, one polymorphed into a sloth)

Treasure Gained
A bag of rubies worth 25,000gp
1 Jar full of poisonous paste able to cut holes between the planes
Spellbook: sleep, charm person, spider climb, invisibility
A complete map of the pharoah's tomb
…and whatever magical treasures were looted from the 4 adventuerers.

Items Used Up or Lost
Wand of Wonder
Wand of Paralyzation
Potion of Healing
Potion of Polymorph Self
Tizun Thane's Robe of Displacement

A small party returned to the tomb of the pharoah, intending to explore it with the aid of John Fighter's troop of 17 men-at-arms. The tomb proved to be treacherous. After retrieving the poisoned sword, the party encountered another of Vorlac's librarians - a female Magic-user who had been sent to find the stolen clone vat and visit vengenace on the thieves. After some discussion, she was compelled by Vorlac's charm-driven instructions to commit suicide (note: Vorlac is apparently a psychopath). Deciding to venture deeper into the tomb, John and Lotur were confronted with THE GOD OF DEATH, reified in a statue. Lotur made a save vs. death, and the party fled.

Realizing there was no pursuit (death is patient), the party used the men-at-arms to safely explore the sand-trap rooms, discovering in turn a looted tomb, an altar of unknown purpose, and finally a room containing a diamond statue on a pedestal. When moved, the statue proved to be the stopper on a large volume of poison gas and a wizard lock trap, requiring Lotur to make a save vs. poison.

At this point Arnold sneezed into existence. With his help, we were able to open the door to the tomb and re-acquire the diamond, but Arnold inhaled gas and died. In his dying spasm, he set off the Wand of Wonder, destroying it and rendering his corpse invisible.

The reduced, sad party removed to Hruhrudingfalor with the corpse and the diamond. The diamond was sold in Hruhrudingfalor for a bag of rubies, but the buyer sold us out and a party of adventurers assaulted John, Maldoor, and Lotur in the night. Four of the five adventuers were dealt with, but the fifth - a magic-user polymorphed into the form of a purple worm - zapped Maldoor with a lighting bolt, swallowed the corpse whole, and got away.

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