Session #29: How The Eldest Vat Girl Was Stolen From Zorlac's Library

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Session 29


The Players
E.N. Lightenment (Carl)
Maldoor (Thad)
Tobias The Awkward (Jed)
Yari the Dwarf (Eric)
Ookla the Mok (David)
Chrystos the Murderer (Chris)
Martain of Thracia (George)

Enemies Defeated
60 Orc zombies
1 White Elf Librarian "Eero Vrolgrat"
1 Human Librarian (charmed) "Maarten Tull"

Treasure Recovered
The Oblong Rug
1 Cloning vat with gestating clone
A netsuke stolen by Maarten Tull from Zorlah, a cousin of Vorlak the Librarian

A group of adventurers convened at the lost city and paid a visit to Ontussa. There they confirmed the remains of the Verdant Paladin were now in Limbo, in the manse of Vorlac, a bibliomaniac, demonologist, and magic-user of some repute. He is a figure feared in Limbo because he will stop at nothing to acquire items he wished in his collection, including a comprehensive collection of the remains of dead notables.

The party paid Celerion the Charioteer to fly them to the tomb of the Pharoh, where after some preliminary discractions - mostly taken care of by E.N. Lightenment, who destroyed approximately 60 zombies with successful invocations of his deity's wrath. The party proceeded through the portal to limbo and the courtyard of Vorlak's compound. There they explored the outside of the manse, five inter-connected towers of varying height and circumference.

Entering a secret door into the first tower, they slew the elf within, Eero Vrolgrat and began to explore a 60' high maps and charts library. Subsequently they were discovered by another librarian "Martin Tall" (a powerful fighting-man, assassin, and arts librarian). After some combat, he was charmed by Tobias, and revealed much about Vorlac's mansion and the various collections within.

While Martin was sent in search of the Verdant Paladin's remains, the party stole the Oblong rug: Martain was driven mad simply by looking at the rug, while the same sight granted Chrystos a cosmic insight. Maarten Tull returned with one of the vats - chosen at random - from the necrotic library, and the party made its escape.

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