Session #28: How Sixty Orcs Were Recruited To Raid The Pharoah's Tomb And Their Fate

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Session 28


The Players
Jari the Dwarf (Eric)
Ookla the Mok (David)
Maldoor (Thaddeus)
Lotur the Cur (Chris)
Chrystos the Assassin (Chris)
Garrett the Thief (Jared)
Tobias the Awkward (Jed)
Oscar the Swamp-Seer (Ben)
Onk the Dwarf (Jason)
Oxnard the Bear (Jason)
Morrisey (Ray)
Grodhai the Orc (Ray)
Draya the Elf (Inna)

Enemies Defeated
4 Minions of Set
22 Orcs

Onk the Dwarf (Jason)
Morrisey (Ray)
Grodhai the Orc (Ray)

Treasure Recovered
Non-magical scrolls (from boat chamber in the pharaoh’s tomb)

1,031 experience to each of the 20 survivors, all from combat

Important Discoveries

  • There is a magical portal leading from the pharaoh’s tomb to the Nameless City in limbo, emerging from the street near the manse of Zorlak the Librarian. It cannot be seen from the limbo side unless there is something keeping it open, like a length of rope or a body.
  • The remains of the Verdant Paladin may have been carried through the tomb to limbo; this is what the dark minion of set believed.

A small group of the Gray Company employed Celerion’s services to return to the tomb. There, they found another group of adventurers (Tobias, Oscar, Onk, Morrisey, and Draya) already camped along with a hired force of 60 Orcs. Brief negotiations ended in agreement that Maldoor would cover half the cost of the mercenaries, and the two groups of adventurers would join forces to further explore the tomb.

First, the group used several of the orcs to open one of the heavy rotating doors and discovered a chamber featuring another rotating door. Morrisey led several orcs through the second door, into a similar, third chamber beyond. As the third door was opened, the first chamber suddenly filled with a crush of sand. Morrissey and his orcs went forward an additional chamber but when that room also began to flood with sand, he attempted to turn back and perished, crushed and suffocated.

One orc pressed on. Observed by Ookla through ESP, the orc fled the timing of the trap through an additional series of rooms, ending in a room with a chest. The orc eventually opened the chest; it contained a pile of beans…

Meanwhile. the party proceeded north to a hallway featuring another or the rotating, trapped doors. Ookla and Grodhai the Orc-leader followed tracks on the floor until they fell down a pit; the tracks were cleverly sculpted on the floor to lure adventurers down the hallway. A second trap (shooting spears) was discovered, as well as a secret door. The secret door led to a wider room painted with murals depicting the deeds of the wizards of the pharaoh. A dark painted spot on the wall radiated magic and proved to be a two-way portal leading to limbo, emerging from the street near the dilapidated towers of Zorlak the Librarian.

A second secret door (wizard-locked by a wizard of 18th- 24th level) led north from the portal room to another corridor. The party found three more pit/spear trap combinations in that hallway (and we did not get all the way to the northern end…). One door revealed a room full of supplies for the afterworld, including a boat.

The next door concealed the living quarters of four armored men. In battle with them the party lost Grodhai the Orc and Onk the Dwarf, and Ookla, Chrystos, and Lotur were all seriously injured. In brief parley, the last of the armored men revealed that one of the mummies in the tomb had been sent to get the remains of the paladin; he believed the mummy then took the remains through the portal to limbo.

After defeating the four men, the party decided it was time to leave. However, a hostile force of orcs had slain the remainder of Grodhai’s mercenaries, and were now in the room of wizard murals, blocking the exit. Where they were ideally placed for exposure to a fireball.

A few awesome moments:

  • Draya using the illusion of a bird of paradise to distract and then lure one of the Minions of Set to his death.
  • Morrisey’s brave but doomed exploration of the trapped rooms.
  • Grodhai the Orc’s awesome leap across an open pit to deliver a fierce blow the Minion of Set was not mentally prepared for.
  • Chrystos and Ookla simultaneously backstabbing the last opponent for a ridiculous total amount of damage.
  • The deadly fall of Onk down a pit trap – taking with him the gold meant for paying the orcish mercenaries.
  • Oscar’s realization that the entombed boat would be a fine bridge useful for overcoming the pit traps.
  • Lotur succeeding twice in a row to cring away from taking trap damage.
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