Hop-Frog Berbatov
Player Naked Samurai
Class Dwarf 2
Title Dwarven Warrior
Alignment Lawful
Special Infravision, Stonecunning, Hearing, Languages (Common, Dwarvish, Gnome, Kobold, Goblin)
Strength 13 (+1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 13 (+1 extra language)
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 14 (+1 on "to hit" rolls; +1 to initiative; +1 to armor class)
Constitution 12
Charisma 6 (-1 reaction adjustment)
Armor Class 1
Hit Points 14
Special Ability
Field Medic: Bandaging with poultice confers 1d4 hit points.
Noteworthy Possessions Chain of Immobilizing Undead, Helm of Ulfhethinn

Description: Hop-Frog worked in a traveling troupe of court entertainers before hiring as the guardian to a noble's demonic brood, where he placed his body in danger to protect their unworthy hides. At the collapse of this tenuous dynasty, he signed on as a field medic for mercenary Darokinese forces, his small stature and quickness allowing him to save lives in each skirmish. Eventually he deserted and wandered fitfully to Quasqueton.

Seeking to help teammates voyage to Darokin, he was re-captured by Darokinese forces, roughed up, and finally released from prison because he wasn't worth much.

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