Honey Elves

Honey Elves

Type: Civilized
Race: Elves
Alignment: L, N

Population: 144 elves, 141 giant bees

48% strength tribe
47% strength mounts

Tribal Move: Dismounted (unknown encumbrance). Three elves lack mounts.
Elves Move: (unknown encumbrance)
Bees Move: (unknown encumbrance)

These elves inhabit the hills above the swamps, where they dwell in symbiosis with giant bees beneath a translucent waxy dome. When not feasting upon honey, mead and pollen, they study the arts of sorcery and indulge the capricious whims of their alien gods. Their smallest warriors ride upon the largest bees in battle, forming an invincible aerial insect cavalry.

Leader: The Unity

Type: Reincarnated ancient tribal ancestor
Origin: Local
Alignment: Unknown

For millennia, the elves preserved their ancestors in honey-filled waxen cells beneath their dome. At the height of last year's drought, the hunger-maddened bees broke into the cells containing the remains of the elven ancestors and devoured them. In doing so, the swarm absorbed the minds of the ancestors, which have united into a single elf-bee hive mind. The elves know this fledgling demigod as The Unity and give it unstinting love and devotion.

Current Situation

The Honey Elves can see mountain peaks rising to the north-east. Low rolling hills, lightly forested, stretch out to the northwest. The woods thicken to the west, but there's open prairie to the south and east.
The land is not arid, but the elves have almost forgotten the existence of any watercourses bigger than a hill-stream in flood.
Those who travel from the north and northwest report seeing groups of Women, about 30 amazons with longbows and 30 heavy foot with platemail, shield, and mace. They are said to wear matching tabards with a green wyvern on a field of red.

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