Helm Of Ulfhethinn

"I believe the helmet to be the Helm of Ulfhethinn, which is mentioned in passing in Balchard's Cezarine and her Children. Balchard writes, 'The Seneschal commanded that the Helm of Ulfhethinn be brought forth, and he donned it himself despite all entreaty. With its aid he smote the Wyvern-sons with terrible fury and drove them back from the Keep. Only twelve men survived the battle, and the Seneschal himself perished of his wounds. Amandarius commanded that the Helm be sealed away, not to be used again except in direst need.' But as to who Ulfhethinn was, or the powers of the helm, Balchard is silent."

The helm was carried for some time by the halfling "Cut" Coutelain, until an interaction with a cursed tapestry trapped his soul and allowed the thief Andore the Quick to gain control of his body. Andore disposed of the helm at some point during his journey from Glantri City for the Disputed Territories. The helm's current whereabouts are unknown.

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