Halfling Swordmaster Rosehill (deceased)

Dead Halfling adventurer and mercenary who operated in the Black Peaks. Upon accepting a bodyguard mission from Bargle the Warlock, she was killed in the Lost Mine. Rosehill was not as deferential to Men as other Halflings: he had come to the Black Peaks to win fortune and power in order to overthrow Cardinal Ludwig, who fiercely oppresses her people. Her goal was well-known among Halflings throughout the realm, who saw her as the best hope for their kind. She is survived by her kinsmen Thistlefield and Tangleburr, who have sworn vengeance on her killers.

Class Halfling 3
Alignment Neutral
Armor Class 5
Hit Points 11 (deceased)
Attacks Short Bow +2 (1d6 damage); Short Sword +1 (1d6)
Special Dodge, Fast, Lurk, Sharp Hearing
Points 20
Gear Short Bow, Short Sword, Chainmail
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